Why CashRocket for your clients?

Accountancy world is changing driven both by new business needs and emerging technologies. SMEs don’t just want their tax administrations, they are also looking to their accountants for advice and insights. Questions like “How am I performing compared to other companies in my segment?” or “Will I have enough cash if I invest in a new truck next month?” are readily asked to the accountant of tomorrow.
But there is another side to this story. Many bookkeeping services are getting more and more automated due to the technological advancements and new legislations. While, accountants do not have the tools to address advisory needs of their customers accurately, efficiently and data-driven. By working together with your clients and using CashRocket accountants will be able to access business-critical insights, and help their clients to make the decisions needed to run their business.

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Provide clients better advisory, in less time

Use CashRocket to offer value-added financial (analytics) advisory to your clients beyond traditional bookkeeping.

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Have all your clients’ data centralized

Manage cash flow planning of all your clients centrally and online. Leverage internal benchmarks, and forecast P&L accounts.

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Make tailored cash flow analysis for each client

Make tailored KPIs analysis and new dashboards for each client and even benchmark them toward each other!

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