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of the 21st century.

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Why use CashRocket with your clients?

The accountancy world is changing drastically. Innovation and automation are knocking on the door, bringing challenges and opportunities. With CashRocket you can bring the newest innovations in data analytics, artificial intelligence, cloud computing and software engineering to you and your customers.

Give better and more valuable advise by deep in- and foresights on your customers. Forster strong and long lasting relationships by safekeeping the health of your clients. All this, in a fraction of the time it would normally take you, thanks to CashRocket.


Provide clients better advisory, in less time.

Use CashRocket to offer value-added financial (analytics) advisory to your clients beyond traditional bookkeeping.

Your client checks his/her phone
times per day. Use one time to advise them

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Have all your clients’ data centralised.

Manage cash flow planning of all your clients centrally and online. Leverage internal benchmarks, and forecast P&L accounts.

In an mid-sized accounting firm
percent of the clients would like help with cashflow management

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Make tailored cash flow analysis for each client.

Make tailored KPIs analysis and new dashboards for each client and even benchmark them toward each other!

Save yourself at least
hours per client per month

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Everywhere you go.

CashRocket works anywhere, at any time, on any device. On your laptop when creating some reports, but also on the go on your tablet or mobile phone. Wherever and whenever you are meeting your client, CashRocket will be there for you.

CashRocket plays nice with your accountant, your cloud bookkeeping, your bank and even your enterprise software like CRM!

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Reclaim your cashflow. Drive it, and reach the moon!

Waste less time looking up figures, details on transactions and setting up collection plans. Let your advisors – e.g. your accountant – proactively help you with your goals and safeguard your financial health.

“This is a great example of the innovative software that is changing the accounting world”