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Supercharge your Bookkeeping software!

Cloud Bookkeeping is a revolution. Packages like Exact Online and Quickbooks are rocking the bookkeeping world. But Balance Sheets and Cashflows are not the same thing, and a healthy business needs to take care of both!

Supercharge your Accountant!
Supercharge yourself!
Supercharge your Bookkeeping software!
Supercharge your Accountant!

Your accountant knows a lot about financials. But also about cashflow! Every day he is looking at financial data from many different companies. She is a valuable asset in safeguarding a healthy cashflow. Help her out with CashRocket on top of your bookkeeping.

Supercharge yourself!
Supercharge your Bookkeeping software!
Supercharge your Accountant!
Supercharge yourself!

Help yourself stay on top of your planning and goals with the proactive advice and foresights from CashRocket. We also got your back with anomaly detection and warnings to stay ahead of the curve.


Real-time automated cash flow management.

CashRocket helps you forecast and monitor your cash flow and it’s key indicators (e.g., average payment time) in one central location. Real-time and easy-to-understand with beautifully clear dashboards

Average Time Saved on Cashflow Management
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Evaluating the impact of key business decisions.

CashRocket enables you to simulate and measure the impact of different business decisions using simple every day tools like what-if scenarios and sliders

Discuss with you stakeholders and advisors on the best use of your working capital through clear visual scenarios!

Time savings in cashflow related communication
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Automated Alarms & Notifications.

CashRocket will keep watch of your financial KPIs (like overdue invoices) and pro-actively warn you on important moments, helping you reach your growth planning and milestones.

Improvement on cashflow healthiness levels
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Everywhere you go.

CashRocket works anywhere, at any time, on any device. On your laptop when creating some reports, but also on the go on your tablet or mobile phone

CashRocket also plays nice with your accountant, your cloud bookkeeping, your bank and even your enterprise software like CRM!

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Reclaim your cashflow. Drive it, and reach the moon!

Waste less time looking up figures, details on transactions and setting up collection plans. Let your advisors – e.g. your accountant – proactively help you with your goals and safeguard your financial health.

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